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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Do you ever feel like time moves at different speeds?

Maybe you have been waiting for a bus for 15 minutes, and it felt like a lifetime. Yet an hour can disappear in the blink of an eye if you aren't paying attention. Almost as if time moves differently when it is observed... or at least when you are keeping track of it.

Keeping a diary, setting alarm clocks, carrying a phone that always displays the time... constantly reminding you.

When we are asleep, time moves much differently. We can experience another lifetime and wake to find we have only drifted off for 10 minutes.

But why am I talking about time travel?

I'm going to tell you a story, and it is set in 2018- Liverpool ..

This is where I should add, I haven't made a time machine; but hopefully, I have got your attention at this point :-)

So, this was a very important moment for Alpha Corvus- and that is why I am taking you back on this journey, to hear how it all began...

The day stands prominent in my mind. It was mid summer, and we were living above a shop in Liverpool at the time. The apartment was scorching hot, so I opened up the patio doors to the mini roof terrace. The sun baked down, filling the entire room behind me. I remember thinking about how time appears to stand still when you are fully in the moment. The smell of BBQ drifted over from a neighbouring garden, prompting us to rush out to the shops to do the same. We cooked a delicious plant based feast on one of them disposable BBQ's, which was quite impressive since those things are terrible. And we opened the first bottle of wine. Mitia was strumming some chords and we were jamming a little, and this spark of creativity whooshed through the pair of us. The sun set, and we retreated into the kitchen... opened another bottle of wine...

And that is when we got out a notepad and a pen, and started writing our first ever song together.

The lyrics were focused around the topics that I have mentioned in this post, and I have tried to depict the meaning even more in our lyric video.

This is the song that we wrote together that night.

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