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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Working from home during #lockdown has been a challenge to say the least.

When Mitia got a PC earlier this year (the saviour) we started using it downstairs with the TV connected as the monitor. It was all well and good until we went to watch a movie and Cubase was still visible on the screen!!! We panicked and started watching #YouTube #hacks about how to fix it. We turned our living room into a technicolour strobe party trying to 'trick' the pixels into forgetting all about Cubase and moving on with their existence... 24hrs in... it sort of worked. But we still have a visible toolbar that wont budge on the TV.

So... what did we do? We got the TV from the bedroom, and set it up in the music room. It's as if we completely forgot what had happened to the TV downstairs!

Before you start to wonder why we didnt buy a monitor after the TV broke... it was Christmas time, Covid, and we had a tune to finish!

Literally 2 days in, solidly working on the tune we remember that the screen needs time to rest otherwise it will break. So we go off Cubase .... and we can still see Cubase..... AAARGH we have done it again!!!!

We found ourselves a monitor from Facebook Marketplace in the end. Finally OMG.

...But this is a message to anyone who thinks it will be OK using a TV as a monitor... It's probably fine if you aren't staying on one screen for extended periods. Is it worth risking it? How much do you like your TV? Will you cry if it breaks? If so ... GET A MONITOR LIKE ANY NORMAL PERSON GAHHD xo

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