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We feel as though this video requires a bit of back story, since it is quite different from our other tracks. So for anyone interested, here it is.

We were going through a very hard time at home. Jodi (Luna Moon) had just been diagnosed with cancer and we decided that we would take a break from producing our album while she was healing from her operations- so we decided to focus on a cover project instead.

Periphery is one of our favourite bands, and we have always thought that Scarlet would work well with our own twist on it- so we recorded and produced this cover at home ourselves and created the music video to show the different layers which you can hear throughout the track. We only have the most basic equipment, so we were just working with what we had available at the time. Mitia's second hand £40 Ashton acoustic guitar just about made it through the recording. We are planning to upload a video soon talking about this in more detail. Although this project took a lot longer than expected, and we faced many challenges along the way, we really enjoyed the process and we got there in the end!


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