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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Our music video for 'In the Clouds' was a real challenge! It was a DIY attempt to say the least, and was made in the #covid19 #lockdown period of 2020 using the most basic equipment.

If I was to tell you that we don't have all the latest tech, it would be an understatement. Our laptop is too old and slow to run any video editing software so we had to resort to using our #Samsung Galaxy Tab A to create the music video on #PowerDirector. The video was in 4K until we tried exporting it, but after many attempts, we had to settle for 1080p ;(

Neither of us had any experience prior to this, so it was pretty challenging!

Many of the shots used in the video were taken on our walks during lockdown. Since we had just moved to Wales, there was a lot of exploring to do and we used our phones for all of the filming.

We decided to film the shots of Luna Moon (Jodi) at #BarryCastle near to our home. We had everything set up and ready to go, when the welsh police (Heddlu) drove past. Of course they stopped to find out what we were doing dancing in the rain during lockdown. They were even more interested when they heard Luna's scouse accent and Mitia's full Russian name- considering the 5 mile travel rule. We managed to convince them that we were not drunk tourists, and were in fact locals working on a music video.

The shots taken of Mitia playing lead guitar were filmed at #SullyBeach. We decided that we wanted to film the sunrise, so we stayed up all night and walked a fair few miles carrying all of our gear. The walk home was particularly challenging as the tiredness kicked in. The gear seemed double the weight of the way there. But when we got home, and saw the footage, we were pleased with the result and it was worth it.

Mitia also plays the bass parts for Alpha Corvus for the time being. We filmed the shots beside the campfire in our back yard. It was also raining when we filmed this, so the wood used on the fire was damp- causing it to smoke quite a lot! We liked this effect since the lyrics are 'I'm fully in your cloud'- we found it fitting.

We have concluded that video editing is not for us, and we are hoping to avoid editing our own future videos.

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