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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The world is at a standstill, amidst a global pandemic. Being isolated together, we have more time than ever together to work on music and produce our tracks.

Who are Alpha Corvus?

Mitia Smirnov - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Songwriter

Jodi Bamber - Lead Singer, Songwriter

Many of the tracks we have been working on, were in the making a long time ago- we have only just brought them to life and started recording them recently. Mitia is the musical mastermind behind it all, and Jodi is the lead singer. We have a unique sound which is inspired by much of the music we listen to including #Grunge, #Alternative, #Metal, #Rock, #Blues and #Progressive Rock/Metal.

Mitia was born in Moscow, Russia. He has been a UK citizen since the age of 10, and he spent most of his early years learning to play drums and guitar. Growing up, he lived in Stamford, UK and studied Music Technology before moving to Liverpool with his former band #Ladies #LadiesUK in 2015. Mitia comes from a musical background, following in the footsteps of his Father (Mikhail Smirnov) and Grandfather (Ivan Smirnov) who have always inspired him.

Mitia met Jodi in 2017, when she returned to her hometown of Liverpool after travelling, and moved into his communal house share in #Toxteth, #Liverpool.

Jodi had spent many of her younger years as a dancer, and being an only child, spent most of her time singing and dancing in her bedroom. In between her solo travelling adventures, and university, she always found time for music. Jodi started songwriting at a young age, and had some music lessons whilst she was at school (piano, singing and drums) and studied music at GCSE, but has only recently taken the plunge into making these dreams a reality.

We never had any intention of making music together initially, until one night we stayed up all night drinking red wine and wrote our song " Your Time".

Even though we had written a song together, we still had no intention of doing anything with it back then. It was just for fun.

2 years later, we started singing together, recording some covers for YouTube and practising a set to begin playing open mic events and cover gigs as Mitia Smirnov & Luna Moon.

We have recently moved to South Wales, near Cardiff to continue our musical journey.

#Covid19 has had a huge impact on everyone at the moment, and it is devastating. All over the world, people are being affected in one way or another. For us, here in the UK, we are in total lockdown and isolating together in our cosy maisonette flat. We have set up a music studio/ practice room and have been using this time to create more music.

Mitia, for a while now, has been wanting to finish some compositions that he started writing a while back. We have been using this time to work on these projects along with some newer material which we have come up with together. It is within this time in solitude that we have really started to develop our sound together and it reflects the music we both enjoy listening to.

This blog is going to be a way to connect with you all and keep you updated on our music!

We hope you have enjoyed our first blog post!

Luna Moon (Jodi Bamber)

Mitia Smirnov

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